Fun days in March

St. Patrick’s day isn’t the only reason to celebrate

According to, March is a busy month for holidays. The web site lists the following special days in March.

March 1st- National Pig Day

On March 1, domesticated pigs are celebrated and given thanks. It was created by two sisters in 1972.

March 4th- Holy Experiment Day

March 4, is holy experiment day. The day is all about trying out religious activities such as Praying, going to communion, or just simply believing in a God to give it a shot.

March 5th- Multiple Personality Day

Do you talk to yourselves? If so March 5 is the perfect day for you. It is a day for split personality- two personalities, and multiple personality- more than two,  people to celebrate themselves.

March 14th- Learn About Butterflies Day

March 14 is the perfect day to start learning about Butterflies and being able to identify them wherever you see them. Go grab a book about them, and absorb the info.

March 15th- Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Have you had a sudden spur of bad luck? March 15 is Everything You Think is Wrong Day. Do you think you are smart? If yes, then you are wrong.


March 16th- Everything You Do is Right Day

This March 16 you should have an amazing day for Everything You Do is Right Day. Everybody has a good day at least once, but today is your day.

March 15th- Ides of March

March 15 was considered the first day of Spring, and Ides in Latin was Idus. Idus came from an Etruscan word meaning “Divide.” Besides being about Spring, you might know from William Shakespeare this famous line “Beware the ides of March.” Julius Caesar died from not listening to that prophecy. On that day he was assassinated.

March 18th- Goddess of Fertility Day

March 18 is the perfect day for fertility. Its all about the Goddesses of fertility, and is a day for new life. Fertility doesn’t have to mean having babies; it can also include any projects that you have been wanting to start.

March 20th- Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

If you are looking at this on March 20, then beware. Aliens could try to abduct you on this Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.

March 26th- Make Your Own Holiday Day

Have you been wondering how to make up your own holiday? Today is the perfect day for you. This March 26 you have a chance, whatever the topic, on this Make Your Own Holiday Day.

March 29th- Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day

On March 29, you can enjoy Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day. There isn’t an actual festival, but it is a day for illusions. Today could be the best day to become a magician.