Mirror Mirror

The Mirror Mirror project is a favorite among student publication photographers.

Photographers are tasked to find a staff member who looks like a celebrity and then take a photo of the staff member that “mirrors” the staff member.

Senior Reem Negash picked latin teacher Bill Gilmartin and actor Sean Connery as James Bond for her subjects.

“I like that you can look for teachers and find the perfect photo that looks like them,” Negash said. “I think it was the highlight of Mr. Gilmartin’s like that he looks like Bond.”

Here are some examples of the projects created by the student publication photographers:




Sophomore Michelle McElroy pictured Physical Education teacher Kevin Vanderbush and former NFL quarterback Brett Farve.



Sophomore Claire Smith pictured Administrative assistant Julie Majors with actress Jennifer Aniston.

Sophomore Carlin Underwood pictured English teacher Shannon Rose with actress Melissa McCarthy.

Junior Mikayla Moore pictured Math teacher Jennifer Benjamin with actress Denise Richards.

Junior Madison Woodward pictured Art teacher Justin Allison with actor Johnny Depp.


Senior Johanna Lopez pictured English teacher Joe Tatum with actor Robert Redford.