Don’t be stuck in a box

Choir student shares his interesting hobby


Singing, dancing and acting are things that junior Marvin Bills is dedicated to. Performing in two different choirs and acting in the school play, Bills also likes to skateboard whenever he has a chance.

“People wouldn’t really think I skateboard, but I’m actually pretty decent,” Bills said.

As a young kid he would watch his cousins skateboard around their neighborhood and land their tricks. He soon wanted to do the same so his cousins decided to teach him.

It took him a while to actually learn how to cruise on a skateboard, but then he started trying to do tricks. Although he failed many times, he didn’t give up.

“It felt so good landing my first trick,” Bills said.

Doing one of the easiest tricks in skateboarding called an Ollie, Bills felt really proud when he did it without falling. An Ollie is a one of the first tricks that most skateboarders learn because all you have to do is jump with your skateboard.  He says he’s not the next Tony Hawk, but it’s always a good feeling when you accomplish something.

“People always seem to put people in a box and I don’t think that’s a good thing,” Bills said.

Bills has a huge passion for signing and theater and hopes to become a television anchor one day. Skateboarding is just one of his hobbies that people wouldn’t expect he did. He encourages everybody to try something new and to get rid of the fear that you’ll be judge for it.

“Just have fun in whatever you do,” Bills said.