Keeping it clean

For 31 years Williams has helped keep our school grounds immaculate




Whether they are vacuuming the classrooms or polishing the marble floors in the halls, Ben Davis custodians work assiduously to keep the school clean on a daily basis.

Without this group of dedicated individuals, we could only imagine how the facility would look after each school day. One of the many staff members remaining responsible for the upkeep of BDH grounds is long time custodial supervisor Teresa Williams.

Williams has worked on the custodial staff for Wayne Township for the past 31 years.

“I came to Wayne Township in 1982, where I worked a few years as a part-time custodian, and then in 1984, I was hired on as a fulltime custodian for Ben Davis, and 18 years ago I became a supervisor,” Williams said. “I really love what I do.”

At times Williams’ job bares many obstacles, but she tries to uphold a positive outlook when faced with those challenges.

“Mondays are really difficult because we’re short on staff due to people taking an extra day off. Those are the times when we really have to come together as a team to get the job done,” she said. “The second challenge for me is working with 32 different personalities. I have to treat each individual differently because you have to do that when dealing with various personalities,” Williams said.

Williams and her staff deserve a lot of credit for keeping our property clean and well maintained.

“One other challenge was during the renovation. It was definitely a big turnover because a lot of staff members were sent to different schools. We have to retrain over and over because there’s always a turnover,” Williams said.

Williams is one of many who makes sure the commons, hallways, light fixtures and everything else is in order for pupils. She also helps manage the aftermath of the breakfast and lunch time mass.

“There is one thing that really amazes me each and every day and that is when there are 50 to 75 trays left on the tables after lunch. Each time, my staff and I really have to come together and work as a team to get it taken care of,” Williams said.

How does Williams describe her custodial team and what would they say about her?

“I have a really great staff and one thing that I always tell them is that we’re here to do a job; a great job at that,” Williams said. “I think my co-workers would describe me as a fair, good-hearted team worker. I always work with them even though I don’t always have to do so, and I leave just as tired as they are every day,”

“I feel like I’m just a custodian as they are and no one is ever seen as being better than the next person. Before I was supervisor I was their friend, and I still am today,” Williams said.