Get your hands on these apps

Apps to make the most our of your smartphone


In this day and age, it’s all about technology – whether it’s cellular devices, tablets, or just everyday appliances. It’s always something being introduced to make things easier.

With most of our new technology comes additions to these devices. Apps are pieces of software that can be downloaded to computers, devices or other appliances. There are many fun apps out there and some are more frequently used than others.

Those being apps like Instagram, a fun way to share photos with family and friends as well as follow those with good photos like celebrities. The Android market has a great app, PicsIn Photo studio, it’s a great way to take, import and edit photos. You can apply filters, add photos within photos, and add text and clipart.

A mobile app that seems to be spreading is the Vine app owned by Twitter which allows you to use your phone to record up to six seconds of video and post it on different networking sites.

Made for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch is a music app, 8tracks is an internet radio that is created by everyday people. You can listen or create music based on your mood. This is a great app for music lovers everywhere to be creative and appreciate other’s creativity and musical talents. Another frequently used app is Shazam, an app that can tell what song is being played. If you ever find yourself not knowing what song is playing on the radio just use this app to help you out.

Now let’s get to another thing everyone cares about. Shoes. Kicks on Fire is a website that has now released its app so people can get updates on the new releases. Shopping for shoes is a thing done by most but shopping for clothes is also essential. A place to view clothing that is trendy of just fits your style is Wanelo shopping for iOS and Android. This app allows community members to post their purchases, price and store. This allows you to see what different stores offer. It also has different categories and allows you to view clothes based on your budget.

There’s apps for pretty much everything but one thing that we really want in an app sometimes is fun. Something to pass the time or make boring lectures and classes go by fast. Games. Looking for an app that is continuously  fun and childish? AddictingGames by Nickelodeon is an app that constantly sends games to you. So if you’re bored with one, there’s still a bunch more to play. Looking for something strategic but fun and challenging? Try Dots, a game where you have to connect as many same colored dots in a matter of sixty seconds. Or What’s the Phrase? Which is kind of like wheel of fortune, only you can change the language if you want.  Even games like 4 pic 1 song, which is pretty self-explanatory. All these games are great ways to pass the time among others.