Manga club brings together anime fans

Gaming style club meets every Thursday

Manga — Japanese graphic novels full of action suspense and romance, are a popular genre in the Ben Davis library.

Many anime fans known as “Otaku” have finally been relieved from waiting for Manga club to start. Manga club is a student-led club where students read, share and discuss their favorite mangas.

They also have days where they dress up as their favorite manga characters. Manga club isn’t just for manga fans, but also for anime fans and fans of the Japanese culture, who would like to interact with other students who share the same interest as them.

“I like manga because its plots are usually action filled and exiting, basically that plots of many manga stories are awesome,” sophomore Amelia Corbin said.

Corbin isn’t the only one who believes this. Many otaku’s also believe that most of the time has better plots and artwork, compared to regular American comic books.

“I like Manga club because it’s very fun and there are many cool activities for us to participate in while in manga club,” sophomore Irene Tarancon said.

So if you want to become otaku, already are otaku, or just interested in learning about Japanese graphic novels and Japanese culture, then manga club is for you.

Manga club is open to anybody who is interested and it is held every Thursday after school at 3 p.m. in the library.