A new career

Biggerstaff follows educational path to lead the Career Center


Patrick Biggerstaff speaks at the teacher’s meeting early Thursday morning.

Meet Mr. Biggerstaff

Name: Patrick Biggerstaff

New title this year: Assistant Principal for Career Center Programs (Ben Davis High School) and Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education (Area 31 Career Center)

Years at BD: 8 (1 year at WEC, 4 years in the business department, 2 years as career specialist in the career center)

Where from: Dallas, Texas

Family status: “I have a lovely wife and four very unique kids (Sid, Desi, Rainey, and Zane)”



Patrick Biggerstaff lacked direction when he was in high school in Dallas, Texas.

He played soccer and participated in choir, but lacked any type of academic direction.

“After a rather intense conversation with a neighborhood mentor, I found my way and began to challenge myself,” Biggerstaff said. “I quickly realized that education and hard work can lead a person to greater opportunities.

“I have worked ever since to develop knowledge, skills, and relationships. As I have matured, I have found that serving others is very fulfilling. I approach each day with a desire to grow, and to help others to achieve their goals.”

Now a goal-oriented individual, Biggerstaff earned an MBA from Texas Christian University, a Master of Arts in Teaching (Business Education and Mild Intervention) from UIndy, a Career and Technical Education Endorsement from Indiana State, a K-12 Building Administrator License from Indiana University and a CTE Director License from Ball State University.

That focus has landed him in charge of the Career Center this year, replacing Kevin Britt, who has moved over to the Ninth Grade Center. Biggerstaff answered a few questions about his new position.

Q: What do you see as the biggest asset the Career Center offers to Wayne Township?

A: The biggest asset that the Career Center offers Wayne Township is opportunity. Students have the choice to participate in any one of forty dual credit programs. These programs offer students the knowledge and technical skills that will help them get jobs. Furthermore, the classes are highly engaging because they offer relevant hands-on activities taught by experienced industry professionals.

Q: How many different schools feed into the Career Center and what is the benefit of having students from different areas?

A: Students from eleven area schools participate in Career Center Programs. Students benefit socially and intellectually as they are exposed to diverse opinions, personalities and experiences.

Q: If a student isn’t sure about Career Center opportunities, what is the best way for him or him to find out?

A: I believe that every student should be informed about his/her opportunities. I would encourage every student to discuss career and college opportunities with his/her Ben Davis counselor. Students who are curious about Career Center programs are welcome to schedule a class visit, to email a Career Center instructor, or to visit with an Area 31 Career Pathway Specialist. For more information on our programs, please visit www.wayne.k12.in.us/area31.

Q: How many different programs does the Career Center offer and are there job opportunities for students to explore as part of these programs?

A: Area 31 Career Center offers 40 dual credit programs. All of these programs offer real-world activities and hands-on practice. Most also offer the opportunity to participate in cooperative education programming. What that means is that, as part of their program of study, eligible students are able to spend half of their day in academic classes, and half of their day working in a job related to their Career Center program. Last year, we had students employed at Rolls-Royce, Wood-Mizer, Splash Pools, Children’s Village, etc.

Q: Why did you want to become involved in the Career Center?

A: I am very proud to be a part of the Career Center team. Looking back, I realize that most of my life experiences relate to our Career Center programs. I grew up around used car lots so I spent a lot of time tinkering with cars. I have also been paid to carry drywall, maintain ventilation equipment, run a pizza shop, design marketing materials, and to work in a professional office. I appreciate the passion and experience that Career Center instructors bring to school each day, and I am confident that we are providing valuable experiences for our students.

Q: What type of advanced degrees and certification programs are available in the Career Center?

A: Students in all Career Center programs are eligible to earn college credits. Programs currently offer between six and twenty-eight college credits. Many of these programs offer industry recognized credentials. 2013-14 also begins with the formation of the State’s first Early College Career Center. Select members of this year’s Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center class are taking academic coursework that will help them earn a career-related Associate Degree while at the same time earning their high school diploma. At Area 31 Career Center, we are doing everything we can to help students realize their personal and professional goals.