Don’t leave this game behind

Don’t leave this game behind

Arianah Bacon, staff writer

The Last of Us: Left Behind is an action-adventure game that was released in 2014. The game follows behind the first game titled The Last Of Us, which shows what happened during an apocalypse.

This version follows the events of the main and side characters Ellie and Riley’s friendship. At first, the game shows what happened in the first game then it resumes back to see her and Riley in a mall that had been abandoned.

The game is played in the third person – you can use weapons to defend yourself against the infected humans. You can only control Ellie as you play the game.

During the time at the mall, you can go around and interact with the activities with Riley, like you can go in the photo booth with Riley, or have a water fight.

Overall, the game is a really fun experience since they have a series going on that has both games combined. The cost of the game currently is $9.99, and the first game cost $20.

Definitely worth the expense.