Boygenius makes a powerful return with “The Record”


“The Record” album cover features the outstretched hands of Baker, Bridges, and Dacus.

Zoë Harris, online editor

Boygenius is a supergroup comprised of singer-songwriters Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker. All of the group members have seen individual success in recent years, with Bridgers’ 2020 album Punisher ranking 15 out of 50 on Pitchfork’s The 50 Best Albums of 2020 list.


 Boygenius’ first project was a self-titled EP released in 2018, which received positive critical acclaim. Boygenius’ first full-length album, The Record was released on March 31, 2023, through Interscope Records.


The Record is categorized as indie rock. The album comes across as sincere and genuine, with emotions executed through powerful lyrics. The Record features universal themes that many can relate to and anyone who appreciates powerful storytelling would enjoy the album.


One track that stood out to me from The Record is “$20,” an upbeat track that showcases  evocative lyrics such as “It’s a bad idea and I’m all about it.” This track is an exciting listen that includes scattered vocals and frantic shouting toward the end. 


Another track of note is “Emily I’m Sorry.” It is a slower, more melancholic track that is a delight to listen to. The vocals are hard-hitting and it describes both inner struggles and relationship challenges. 


My personal favorite track on The Record is “Not Strong Enough,” the album’s sixth track. It is comprised of upbeat drumming, contrasting vocals, and complex lyrics. It is a perfect blend of each artist’s voice and style whereas some of the tracks on The Record are reminiscent of one member in particular. “Not Strong Enough” is an easy as well as worthwhile listen. 

Boygenius will debut The Record live at Coachella 2023 which runs April 14-23 in Indio, California. Boygenius’ The Record can be streamed on all major music platforms.