Life is Strange is worth a try

Life is Strange is worth a try

Melody Dryer, staff writer

Life is Strange is a captivating game about an 18-year-old art student, Max Caufield, who gains the ability to time travel, and must use it to stop a massive tornado from destroying Arcadia Bay.

Caufield had just moved back to her hometown after years of being in Seattle. This game is similar to The Walking Dead in the sense that it’s a game where the choices you make determine the path your game follows. 

The scenery is extremely cinematic, the animation is genuinely beautiful, and it’s the perfect balance between gameplay and art.

There’s also a very enthralling crime-solving aspect. There’s been a girl missing in Arcadia Bay for six months, Rachel Amber. Max and her best friend, Chloe, use Max’s ability to go back in time to try to figure out what happened to her.

A big theme in the game is the butterfly effect. Every time you make an important decision a butterfly appears in the top left corner of the screen. There are also just butterflies everywhere you go.

Overall this game has a pretty animation style and a really enchanting storyline. I would highly recommend giving it a chance.