Beyond Two souls is beyond good

Beyond Two souls is beyond good

Arianah Bacon, staff writer

Beyond Two Souls was created by the same game developer as Detroit Becomes Human and released on October 8, 2013. You can play this game on the PlayStation 3 and 4 and on Windows; it’s a multiplayer game, so you can also play with family and friends.

The game is centered around a little girl named Jodie, who was born with a gift she would call a curse. She was also born with a twin brother, but he sadly died from being strangled by the umbilical cord and sort of became her guardian angel.

She was separated from her mom at a young age and was put into the care of a couple who had just lost their child. She would later be put into an “on base” school where she couldn’t leave, and that’s when she met her “imaginary friend” Aiden.

They go through many things together, such as when Jodie had to run away from the CIA and Aiden had to fight them off, or when she attended a birthday party and everything went well until it was time for the gift opening. They make fun of her gift and proceed to bully and lock her in a closet. It is only until Aiden comes to unlock the door that you will have the option to leave or get revenge. 

If you do leave then that’s it, but if you decide to get the revenge you have the chance to throw chairs at people, throw cake, and burn the house down. Aiden controls the whole thing which is very cool.

Beyond Two Souls is a really good game, just like Dead by Daylight. This game is expensive, but it’s also a very good game to play if you’re bored or need a new game to play.