Overwatch 2 is worth a try


Melody Dryer, staff writer

I never had the chance to play the first Overwatch, so when I saw the second one was free I downloaded it immediately. 


It’s a new game, so it sometimes lags relentlessly, but it works well for the most part. The graphics are good, and the character designs are eccentric and I like that. 


The new characters they added have beautiful designs and skins. They changed the way you can get accessories and skins in the game. They removed the luck-based system that allowed you to get said accessories, which I’ve heard from people who played the first one that they don’t like it.


Overall, it’s an entertaining game. There’s an arcade, quick play, and competition. Arcade has a few options for mini-games to play. Quick play is a shortened version of comp, it’s taken less seriously. Competitive gameplay can be intense because people are trying their hardest in order to rank up.


If you played Overwatch 1, or even if you didn’t like me, I would recommend playing Overwatch 2. I mean hey, why not, it’s free.