Pride & Prejudice is worth the read


Danielle Shumar

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic novel that you have most likely heard of before. Although older books tend to get a bad reputation for being “boring” or containing an uninteresting plot, they don’t always deserve it.

Just because a book is considered to be a “classic” doesn’t mean it should automatically get knocked off your shelf. This book is definitely proof of this, as it has a meaningful and thought-provoking story that will leave you hooked.

Part of what makes this book so great is the main character and heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, who the story follows. The novel revolves around Elizabeth’s relationship with Mr. Darcy, who is the male love interest in the story.

Starting off on a rocky note, arguably enemies, the story drives Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s relationship further. Immediately after Elizabeth was introduced, it’s obvious that she could be one of the best female characters in any novel. Her character was written beautifully, and it would be hard not to love her. 

The romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy was enchanting, and it was developed in an interesting and authentic way that made it amazing to read. In addition to this, all of the other characters introduced in the novel played a huge part in the story, and they were written and developed just as well.

Austen’s writing style in this novel was brilliant; it was descriptive without being too wordy, and every scene was described beautifully. Many people will throw the chance to read this book away simply because of when it was written or how popular it has become. However, I think this is a book that should be given a chance by everyone.

 At least once, Jane Austen’s beautiful novels should be read by everyone. Her other popular books including Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, and Emma are next on my list. After reading Pride & Prejudice, it’s hard not to fall in love with the way Austen writes.

The story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is one that will grab your attention from the very beginning. Definitely give this novel a chance if you haven’t already.