Jason scares in this video game


Arianah Bacon, staff writer

Friday the 13th is probably the most iconic horror movie of all time. It’s so iconic that they made it into a perfect scary video game. In 2017 the game was created and released on May 26 for all platforms to play together.


If you don’t know the story behind Jason Voorhees then here’s a little run down. They were at a camp and the kids there bullied him because of his looks and strengths. One day when the counselors weren’t watching Jason, the kids threw him into a lake and since he couldn’t swim he drowned. His mother who worked at the camp as a cook was very upset with the counselors and started a killing spree, and the camp eventually closed for 21 years.


In the game, you could choose a counselor to control or even play as Jason, if you choose to play a counselor your goal is to win and not get caught by Jason. You can escape by boat, car, or police. There is a way you can kill him or even wait the time out, to kill him you would have to steal his mother’s sweater and use it against him. This can either be good or bad if you do it the right way.


There are 10 counselors you can choose to play with and they all have different skills, like one of the best counselors is named Deborah Kim.  She’s literally the best at repairing anything, from cars, to light boxes, and phone boxes. I don’t think there is a worse counselor since their skills could save you in any other situation, I just prefer playing with Deborah since she can repair stuff faster.


There’s a collection of Jason’s just like the movie, they have parts 1-9. They come with different weapons and different killing styles, like Jason part 8; he’s from Friday the 13th part VIII. His strengths are water speed, destruction, and stalk. His weaknesses are sense, he can not run, and his grip strength which sucks since counselors can break free from his hold easily.


Overall this game is perfect for Halloween, or even January 13th. So grab your friends and hop on the game, it’s only $3, which is pretty cheap for a video game.