Like mysteries? This is a must-read


Danielle Shumar, staff writer

The Paris Apartment is a thrilling mystery novel written by Lucy Foley, who is known for her popular bestseller, The Guest List.

The novel is set in a Paris apartment building, and is told through multiple perspectives of the different building residents.

The story follows the main character, Jess, when she comes to the apartment building to stay with her brother, Ben. When she gets there, Ben is gone, and there is no sign of him anywhere. Throughout the story, Jess tries to work through the mystery of where Ben could have disappeared to, and how the other neighbors fit into the puzzle.

This is one of my favorite mystery/thrillers that I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed it. It was set up with a great foundation at the start, which gave the story something interesting to build off of.

The author’s choice to use different perspectives in the book added a lot to the progression of the story. Having multiple perspectives allowed each character to be individually developed, which I really enjoyed. In addition to this, the mysterious feel of the book was able to be overly exaggerated due to the different personalities being