Elden Ring is nothing but fun

Elden Ring is nothing but fun

Drake Johnson, staff writer

Elden Ring has surged into popularity giving players a newer dark souls like experience.

Having a very medieval style gives those special items or objects a nice contrast to truly show the power of such items. One of the main things that caught my eye was the stunning dynamic time of day, but many of the newer players may find the game extremely difficult as this isn’t your normal hack and slash game.

A lot of the bosses provide complex attack combinations and patterns that the player is required to remember and counter in order to beat such bosses. The lore is very reminiscent of the old skyrim or dark souls games.

The game also includes crazy unique weapons collected off of bosses adding a sorta fallout feel to wanting to collect all of them. Be wary though because there is no level scaling in Elden Ring, meaning enemies encountered too early in your progression will be leveled to what you’re supposed to be when you meet them. But this also rewards you because fighting tougher enemies means more XP.

Elden Ring has one special mechanic that you don’t often find in a FromSoftware game, the ability to walk away.

Have you ever been completely stuck in a game? Stuck fighting the same boss for hours only to die over and over again. Well Elden Ring allows for the player to just leave the area and go somewhere else.

With this in mind, the game becomes very progression orientated, almost making the player take time away from the story to do side quests or level up.

If you want a game that heavily rewards exploration and knowledge then Elden Ring may be your new favorite torture device of a game. Elden Ring goes for a common price of $60 and does not include any microtransactions or loot boxes. I can’t wait to see if they go the extra mile and create a PVP game mode for Elden Ring.

For it being one of the first dark souls-like games that I have played I would still rate it as one of the better games i have ever played and It gets a final 8/10 from me.