Encanto thrills at many levels


Katherine Palacios, staff writer

On December 24, 2021, Disney’s recent animated movie, Encanto was released on Disney+.

The story follows a tale of a family, the Madrigals, with a set of unique family members. They live in a glorious paradise deep in the mountains of Colombia. Our main character Mirabel, however, has “with no apparent gift” and she tries her best to fit in with her family with her judgmental Abuela, who gives disappointment in return.

Things shifted after Mirabel finds out the sake of her family’s magic is in trouble and now it’s up to her to figure out what’s causing the magic to fade away. The movie follows with colorful and vibrant animation with big surprises and great emotion throughout. To make it better, it has fantastic and catchy songs with the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The animated musical is a tribute to Colombian culture, even though there weren’t many Columbians who worked with the movie, it’s safe to say that Disney tried their best to be as respectful as possible. Several team members traveled the country in 2018, visiting places such as Bogata, Cartagena, and Barichara. They had on point with details such as diverse skin color, hair texture, foods, clothes, and dancing.

While Encanto isn’t an accurate or perfect representation of Colombian culture specifically, it brings connection with many Latinos.  If you like musicals, fantasy, and unique and diverse casts, you will be thrilled with the many beauties and magic in the film.