Splitgate is creative, fun


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Splitgate is a challenging but fun game that opens many gates for extra creativity and sharp reactions.

This game is an offspring of a well known game, Halo. Having similar gaming mechanics and weapons, Splitgate also offers an opportunity to learn how to strategize. Many players will get agitated and confused about when and where they were shot at though.

You can sprint for an unlimited period of time, but jetpack boost for a limited time. Momentum is vital when it comes to PvP, so it is in your best interest to out strategize and outshoot your opponent in a firefight.

Portals are used as a weapon, even though portals don’t shoot any kind of ammunition. If placed in the right spot, the person on the other side of that portal has the power to kill you from different angles that you couldn’t even see. All weapons have their own unique amount of damage and can be used for either close to mid and long range combat.

This game is cross platform, meaning that many consoles and computer players can play against each other. You also have multiple choices to choose from for multiplayer. You can play casual, which is a non-competitive, non-rank match. Ranked, which is the complete opposite, where you compete against either two or four other players to gain the higher rank.

But that’s not all, there are way more options, but Splitgate is free, and it is a game that you won’t regret downloading.