Deathloop is quick but challenging

Deathloop is quick but challenging

Drake Johnson, staff writer

Deathloop is a first-person shooter only game available on PS5 and PC.

In Deathloop you control Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop. His objective is to kill all eight visionaries before dark or death because if he dies then the loop resets and everyone besides Colt loses their memories.

During this, if the player decides so another player can interfere with their gameplay and play as Juliana, an agent whose job is to take out Colt and to protect the time loop. In 1931 Blackreef, the island the game is set on, was chartered and inhabited by a small fishing settlement and a military studying local temporal anomalies.

It is now 1969 and founded by the AEON Program where the leader, Egor Sterling, along with the eight talented and eccentric visionaries abuse the island for its time looping properties to gain immortality and have a never-ending party where they can do anything without any consequence.

Deathloop is a game filled with cartoonish cliche and funny one liners making the game not be too serious as you parkour around the map killing eternalists while Juliana taunts you. Being made by the same people who made the dishonored games, it feels very similar to Dishonored in a lot of aspects.

The gameplay is very non-linear and encourages you to explore. The AI may not be the smartest though as they constantly walk into danger and aren’t very complex in the ways they fight back. The voice acting is insanely good, especially the voice lines for Colt and Juliana making the connection and animosity for each other feel so real.

The 1969 details reminds me a lot of the way Fallout and Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil handled how the gameplay and style entwine. Deathloop is a very good game to play when you are short on time to play games as you can go through one loop in about 30 minutes making it the perfect game for busy people to play.

If you feel like diving into the deep, dark, and sinister story of Blackreef Island then go ahead and grab Deathloop for $59.99.