Like competitive games? Try Dead By Daylight


Drake Johnson, staff writer

Dead By Daylight is a competitive multiplayer game where there is one killer and four survivors.

As a killer there are many characters you can play as, all with unique abilities and play styles. Some killers you may be familiar with already such as Freddy Kruger from Nightmare On Elm Street, Michael Myers from Halloween, Ghostface from Scream, and even The Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Alongside these familiar faces exist unique and original characters too such as a skinny sickly looking creature known as The Hag and an empty eyed decomposing cowboy known as Deathslinger.

Dead By Daylight also has plenty of different survivor characters to play as except the survivors all have the same set of abilities and gameplay. The objective of the survivors is to escape the killer while being trapped in a pocket dimension owned by a malevolent being known only as The Entity.

The Entity is an ancient being who recruits killers from our world to endlessly hunt trapped survivors as long as he puts them on the sacrificial hooks littered throughout all of the maps. The scary part is that at the end of the day, none of the survivors can truly “Die” meaning they are stuck being hunted, maimed, and killed for all eternity.

That is unless they can escape and make it back to their campfire. How do you escape? You must fix all of the broken generators to escape all while being hunted down and chased by whatever killer the other player chooses. And the even worse part about this is that if they escape they don’t even get to leave the pocket dimension. They are just spared until The Entity decides to feed off of their emotions again.

Not only is this game fun casually but it has a huge competitive scene where people compete against each other to see who is the best survivor or whatever killer they choose. They are also constantly updating the game and listen to feedback from the community a lot. There are also new killers, survivors, and maps added all of the time along with lore for almost every single character. So if you’re looking for a new competitive game or just something fun to play with your friends during this spooky season then hop in your nearest portal to The Entity’s pocket dimension and install Dead By Daylight.