If you like fighting, this is for you


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

“An angry mind is a narrow mind” – Michael Jai White

Never Break Down is a story about a guy with heart, a burning fire inside him , and a missing purpose.

Jake Tyler, the main character of the story, suffers from a guilty conscience because of his father’s death, and his mother doesn’t make it any better for him, alongside with his younger brother, Charlie, that’s all he has.

Jake and his family move from Iowa to Orlando, Florida, leaving Jake no choice but to move schools, which he wasn’t very happy about. Jake struggles to fit in at his new school, and has trouble controlling his temper. Ryan McCarthy, who is one of the main antagonists.

Ryan is a trained mixed martial artist, and seeing the popular internet video of Tyler brawling the opposing team in football, Ryan wants to test if Tyler really has what it takes to be a fighter. He uses his girlfriend, Baja, to lure Jake into unwillingly  fighting him. So he does this by throwing a party at his house and gets Baja to invite Jake to the party, not knowing what’s coming to him.

But that’s not the only fight that goes down, there is an annual series called The Beatdown, a variety of fighters who train before this, and all of them go against each other for a tournament, and whoever the winner is, non stop popularity, and a check.

Jake wants to train for this, not only for the revenge he wanted for Ryan, but because he wanted to accomplish something, to honor his dad, he trains for the beat down but he needs a trainer and there’s only one. Jake only has one true friend, his name is Max, he helps him get connections with a trainer and fights alongside him until the beatdown.