Like horror? Give this movie a try


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Venom is definitely a movie worth your time.

The terrifying symbiote is out of containment and ready to give you a thrill, and hopefully a few laughs too. Eddie Brock, a news reporter/journalist, is determined to get an interview with Carlton Drake. Carlton Drake is the main antagonist, but alongside being the head of his company, Life Foundation, he has more sinister intentions rather than helping the world with discovery of various phenomenons. 

Carlton Drake has a lot of conspiracies against him of using the most vulnerable and weakest people as guinea pigs for his experiments.

One of his most recent experiments, as they already found alien life and brought it to earth, they are experimenting with an alien called a symbiote. 

A symbiote is an organism living in symbiosis, and they can connect with a person, or what they call a host. Much like a parasite, it cannot live in the environment without a host, so to shorten the term for this organism, we’ll say a parasite. But it’s no small organism, a much rather larger one that can be very dangerous if in the wrong hands.

There are more than one symbiote, introduced at the beginning of the movie as a meteor, and what escapes from a capsule, is the symbiote called Riot, an antagonist that will be introduced later on in the movie.

Then there’s Venom, a weaker symbiote, but still very dangerous. Venom is no hero, or a villain, the word for Venom is Anti-Hero. I’m sure it doesn’t make much sense but I assure you it will make more sense later.

Eddie wants to prove to his boss, and to pretty much everyone who he thinks should know about, that Carlton Drake isn’t who he says he is and wants to prove that he has different intentions. He doesn’t have enough proof, he has no video evidence for it. Eddie’s boss couldn’t tolerate his immaturity because Eddie was so adamant about this accusation but when you want to prove something it can’t go by just having a hunch, you need to actually have evidence for the media or anyone to believe you. Eddie is fired because of this, Eddie loses the apartment, his fiance, and most importantly, his dignity. 

Later in the movie, Eddie finds himself being the host that Venom chose, and is a perfect, compatible pair. 

His life changes after having Venom as his new co-pilot, and now he has some unfinished business to take care of.