Superbad is silly, but comes with laughs


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Are you a teenager looking for a movie that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts?

Well Superbad is the movie that you wanna watch, filled with jokes and dark humor and unexpected turns. Three about-to-be high school graduates plan to get with a girl before graduation, but their timid, lame and social awkwardness makes them doubt themselves.

Two best friends out of the trio are Seth, which is played by Jonah Hill, and Evan is played by Michael Cera. Now I said trio because the third one isn’t really their best friend, rather a person they don’t really like but still hang out with, his name is Fogell. 

A pre graduation party is supposed to take place the same night they go out to buy alcohol, now the problem they have is that none of them are of legal age to buy alcohol. 

Another few conflicts they come across is Seth getting his car towed, not enough money for alcohol, and worst of all, no date to go to the party with.

But the same problem applied to all three of them. Fogell, being surprisingly prepared for the party, goes to get a fake ID so he could snag some alcohol from the liquor store.

Back to where the three boys trying to get with a girl, they all have a crush, and their goal is to get with them at the party, hoping that the girls would be tipsy enough to get with them and consent to date, not giving them much of a sober choice because they felt like if they were sober then they wouldn’t even have a thought before rejecting them.

It’s party time, lots of misunderstandings were made and conflicts were risen and chances were taken and alcohol was consumed that night, what happened?

I don’t know, why don’t you find out by going on Netflix and watching this ridiculous movie?