Eminem hits it big with Gnat

Eminem hits it big with Gnat

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Oh boy, 2020 was a disaster. Covid still goes on, even in 2021.

But Marshall Bruce Mathers III is still giving us amazing, astonishing and jaw dropping music that we never saw coming. See the ex recent album before his new one came out before Covid, “Music to Be Murdered By”, Eminem decided to make another album called, “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”.  And Gnat — being one of the only songs so far that he has done a music video for — is by far one of my favorite songs I have heard from that album. 

 He talks about politics, Covid, stay at home orders and more. Amazing word play and complex lyrics, and incredible music video. In my opinion, Eminem is really good at making people mad because of his lyrics because they don´t understand his wordplay. 

For example, in Gnat he says, “Ain’t nothin’ you say can ever Trump, mic, pencil get killed,

If you’re hypersensitive, I wasn’t referencing the vice president, chill.” 

You see, a great deal of people would’ve gotten offended by that line because they didn’t look at the lyrics first. They are quick to judge and quick to being malcontent about what Eminem writes about.

Gnat has more than 39.7 Million views on Youtube and 1.3 Million likes. Eminem’s music can really elevate you in many different ways, it can open your eyes to different perspectives, it can teach you various life lessons, and it can make you humble listening to how much he struggled and realizing actually how hard your life is compared to his. 

Now, no one likes their struggles to be compared to others’ struggles, but there is a difference between one upping someone’s struggles and opening your eyes and humbling yourself. 

Point is, Eminem’s music is labeled as Parental Advisory, but it’s not all truly vulgar, but rather him trying to express his thoughts and his feelings. I do recommend this song but to the right audience,  toward the people of age and parents depending on their leniency with their child’s music taste.