Am I a Psycho? is on my playlist


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

The question is, Am I a Psycho?

Pondering the sanity of some of these mentally raw and explicitly speaking, by far this is one of the greatest representations of various mental illnesses.

Expressing how angry, so demented and so mentally scarred they really are but still making a huge hit as the platform that we all love known as music. The song shows three types of mental disorders — being a sociopath, being a psychopath, and last, being a narcissist.

Tech N9ne being the Narcissist and Hopsin being the Psychopath and B.o.B being the sociopath.

Tech, being more of a sick, and twisted person when it comes to getting what he wants is being big and bad. Actually while performing his music to many platforms, it seems his personnas  appear as a puffed up chested, mean and aggressive  artist that stands on top of most rappers.

Hopsin on the other hand, performing as the psychopath, along with his iconic white contact lenses, and holding a chainsaw to mimic Texas Chainsaw, the movie, and fun fact, in the music video of the song, they actually performed in the setting which Texas Chainsaw was directed.  Hopsin quoting, “When I was 7 years old, I fell on my head and severed my brain. If you think I’m lying then ask my momma, she’ll tell you the same.”

As for Hopsin representing to be very ill in the brain like some kind of tick in his head is eating his good thoughts and his nice words away.

And we can’t forget about B.o.B, representing a sociopath, which means having a personality, antisocial attitude disorder.  B.o.B stays in the house and peeps through holes, thus defying antisocialism, and walking around his empty house with no one but him and Tech on the other side of the room . Watching on the other side, he stares at Tech N9ne pacing around two of his victims tied together and taking pleasure in seeing them in pain.

Personally, I love this song, I listen to it almost everyday or even everyday, watching all three of them flawlessly representing mental disorders through music is absolutely astonishing to me and will always be in my playlist.