Press start on the silver screen

Press start on the silver screen

Kaleb Christopher, staff writer

The world of entertainment is vast, with many different genres stretching over many different forms. And rarely do you see more than one form combine with one another.

A fine example of this is video game movies. Well. I say ‘fine’ very loosely. Some of these are phenomenal. And some, well, aren’t. With the recent release of the trailer for the upcoming movie, “Uncharted”, Fans are hopeful to see the Sony franchise on the silver screen. Which raises the question. Will this movie be worth the $14 ticket?

When you think about video game movies, What titles come to your head? DOOM? Lara Croft: Tomb Raider? Mortal Kombat? Or maybe even the laughably terrible “Super Mario Bros.” from 1993. Well to me, a few titles come up in my mind and I’m here to write about these two, both on very different ends of the genre spectrum. Those two titles being Mortal Kombat (1995), and Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

This is a review on those two, and what I personally think makes them absolute gems in this genre known for its clods. So what makes them good? What makes an adaptation a true, and worthy adaptation? I can think of three things. Story, characters, and presentation. What story does it tell? Is it a retelling? Original? What characters am i seeing? Are they known in the games? Why are they important? And how does this look? I know, most of them have been made in the 90’s to 2000’s, but you can still make them look good, and eye catching to the general audience. 

Mortal Kombat is an incredibly entertaining series, full to the brim with gore, and general fun for the whole family. So how did they fit the game, known for its incredibly graphic violence, and gory fatalities into a PG-13 rating, and it still turned out enjoyable? Simple. They kept Mortal Kombat for what it was. Fighting. Sure, no one died in the movie but that’s not what Mortal Kombat is or ever was about. The movie follows the classic cast of Raiden, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Lui Kang as they fight through the events of the first game. To put it as simply as possible, the movie was about the good guys (Earthrealm), fighting the bad guys (Outworld), to prevent Outworld from taking over and merging itself with Earthrealm. The movie looked phenomenal, and the actors were very well chosen for their roles. Shang Tsung’s actor still freaks me out to this day, and that’s a good thing. The movie got a sequel, which sadly didn’t live up to the original at all, and flopped miserably. 

Mortal Kombat? 8.5/10 stars.

The next movie on the list, is my personal favorite movie of all time, so this may be a bit biased. 

Resident Evil: Apocalypse follows the events of Alice Cooper in the still zombie infested Raccoon City. This was a sequel to the previous movie themed after this franchise, simply titled “Resident Evil”. Except now with machine guns. And Nemesis!! Soon after Alice wakes up, she finds none other than Resident Evil veteran, Jill Valentine. (Maybe this was supposed to be a Resident Evil 3 movie-) and they both wander the streets of raccoon city, with another character who was supposed to be comedic relief, but he never made me laugh. The movie had what I felt made it a worthy experience, with good fight scenes, decent CGI monsters and a terrifying presence looming over the gang, known simply as “Nemesis”. This movie captures what Resident Evil is, and what it stands for. Also the lickers are still terrifying to this day and no one can change my mind. 

Resident Evil: Apocalypse? 9.75/10 stars. 

Video game adaptations have a bad rep or either being speedy cash-grabs or poorly produced ideas of amazing franchises. What are your thoughts on this genre?