Doctor Strange is two hours of fun


Nick Wert, staff writer

Are you a Marvel fan? Yeah, great because I have the movie for you go watch.

Doctor Strange it was one of the best things that I have watched from Marvel. It has action, it is visually appealing –the colors that were in the movie were fantastic — and it was very easy to follow.

It is a story about a world renowned neurosurgeon who is very arrogant and egotistical. He gets a reality check when he gets into a very bad car accident and he ended up in very bad shape and it ruined his career. He tried and tried surgery after surgery and nothing worked. Then he went on a adventure to find out how to fix his hands and he meets this lady they referred to her as the Ancient One and she said she could help.

His ego got in the way because he didn’t believe her because he thought he was better than her. Soon he realizes that he should believe her and he begins his training. Then he gets curious and brings evil upon earth and then he has to defeat the evil that he released. They try and try to defeat the evil and then it clicks — he uses the infinity stone  to loop time and to save the planet.

He succeeded his missions but will his actions have consequences?

I highly recommend this movie. It is funny in some parts and serious in some others. It is a two hour masterpiece that should be on your watch list.