Real Steel is a fantasy escape worth watching

Real Steel is a fantasy escape worth watching

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Real Steel is a 2011 release film, but it could be based on 2020 believe it or not.

Real Steel is about a world of robot boxing, but not just regular boxing — some fight to the death if they really wanted to. Robots, controlled or voice commanded by their host, fight in the dangerous ring. These people are betters, gamblers, chance takers, and last, crazy.

World Robot Boxing is very popular and people don’t have mercy for any robot, all they care about is winning and the money. But Charlie (played by Hugh Jackman), is the same way, but his ways and his attitude toward robot boxing changed when he gained custody of his son for a short period of time, Max.

Max also knew about robot boxing, of course, and was very passionate about it. Charlie had his own robot, Ambush, but he used it for bullfighting.

In a fighting match against an angry bull, Ambush got destroyed but Charlie had enough money to get his hands on a newer, more durable robot, Noisy Boy. Noisy Boy is a Japanese made, and programmed robot, he has more moves and durability than Ambush of course.

Charlie doesn’t know how to speak Japanese so he is having trouble communicating with Noisy Boy, but Max claims he has played a Japanese game before and has learned a decent amount of it and controlled Noisy Boy. Eventually, because of Charlie’s ability to program robots with his smarts, he enables an English option to the robot so he can fight with him without any difficulty.

The Underworld Boxing is a setting where a variety of robots fight. Noisy Boy goes up against Midas, a very strong but beatable robot. Noisy Boy deals a great amount of damage to Midas but Midas comes back and breaks Noisy Boy’s arm and head off ending the match with a heartbreaking defeat.

Charlie doesn’t intend on giving up though, he and Max go to a robot scrap yard, hoping to find some pieces and parts that he needs to make a new robot. With his luck, he didn’t find anything, just as they were about to leave, Max falls through some weak and soaked dirt and concrete and starts to fall down a mudslide. Max is feeling scared for his life and screaming, but something catches him by his shirt.

Charlie finally reaches Max where he is being held and pulls him up to safety. Max goes back more carefully and sees what saved him, and with enough dusting and wiping away the dirt and mud, he finds out it’s a robot named Atom. Max brings Atom home with him in honor of Atom saving his life, washes him off and finds out that Atom has a rare programming, which is shadowing and visual programming.

Atom copies anything that the host does, whether that be moving randomly, or specific movements. Atom is a special and old robot, a robot categorized as a generation two robot, which means it fought in the war recently.  Max decides to fight against many robots in the future, does he win or lose? I don’t know, find out, it’s on Netflix, rated PG-13, and is a really good movie. I could watch it a thousand times.