Ted will make you feel good


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Ted is a 2012 comedy that involves a lot of jokes, memorable moments and a lifelong friendship. 

This movie does include explicit content, but alongside with all the yucks and dark corners, a lesson is learned about the value of a friendship.

Ted is a story of two best friends who have known each other for 27 years. Johnny was bullied as a kid, and was despised for whatever reason and during the Christmas time, all Johnny wanted was a friend. His parents acknowledged that and got him a teddy bear.

Johnny loved the gift and cherished it, but the next morning a Christmas miracle happens. The teddy bear — also later in the movie is named Ted — comes to life and gives Johnny a wish come true.

Johnny’s little mind thought that his parents would’ve been as excited as him but frightened them, but Ted tells them that Johnny had wished him alive and it was a dream come true and his parents happily supported Johnny and Ted and launched off into a happy life between two best friends.

Johnny and Ted have built a lifelong bond until adulthood. Johnny has a girlfriend and Ted is still alongside Johnny’s accomplishments and struggles. 

I will warn you again that this movie involves various evidence of explicit content, but can be a very enjoyable and very humorous movie for the older audience. Ted is also voiced by popular and known voice actor Seth McFarlane, also the voice for Peter Griffin in Family Guy.