Family Guy offers laughs, social commentary

Family Guy offers laughs, social commentary

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Family Guy is a sitcom created by FOX. Family Guy was originally aired on Adult Swim, which was a channel that came on after 8 o’clock PM. 

Family Guy is an adult cartoon show that expresses explicit and controversial content. Family Guy then later turned into a Netflix Series, and then got taken down from Netflix and later shifted on to Hulu.

This show is voiced by many famous celebrities, such as Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis and Seth Green. 

Family Guy first premiered their first episode on January 31, 1998, aka the pilot episode. Family Guy contains everything you could possibly think of if you think about the word “explicit.”

Whether that be racial stereotypes, dark humor, and along with political and religious mockery. Family Guy isn’t for everyone but it definitely does give me a good laugh.

Although Family Guy does get away with some of their jokes, Family Guy, or FOX had been sued a few  times because of copyright claims .

Family Guy had been cancelled on two separate occasions, along with lawsuits.

For example, Google states”One by Carol Burnett for using her ‘CharWoman’ character. One by a comedian named Art Metrano who claimed they used his act without his permission. Family Guy prevailed in all three cases”.