Too soon to forgive


Anna Eggers, News Editor

The world seemed like it was struck by lightning after the death of popular rapper XXXTentacion, or Jahseh Onfroy, on June 18.

Opinions fractured friendships and became immovable boulders standing in the way of those who wouldn’t consider other’s sides. Many believe that Onfroy was pure in heart and deserves to be lovingly mourned. Others, however, believe just the opposite.

The list of charges and allegations Onfroy faced during his short life was extensive and full of violence. Before learning his then-girlfriend was pregnant, he reportedly committed horrifying domestic violence acts, including strangling her, holding her captive, and holding a knife to her throat. After he learned she was with child, the beating was said to have only gotten worse to the point of her being unrecognizable due to black eyes, bruises, and swollen skin.

This wasn’t the only time Onfroy traveled far past the questionable limit for humans of inflicting pain on others. While serving time in juvenile detention for a gun possession charge, Onfroy admits to having beaten up another inmate who he believed was gay after being stared at too much. In the podcast No Jumper on Youtube, he pridefully explained every moment he strangled the other boy, hit his head against a bed frame, and spread the blood on his face like war paint.

These two instances are the most mentioned and known allegations against Onfroy, but many charges filed against him take the story even deeper. Onfroy was also charged with home invasion, robbery, aggravated battery, assault, false imprisonment, witness tampering, and witness harassment. Some of these charges happened multiple times and yet Onfroy was able to get released on house arrest to go on tour.

Still, the web goes deeper. Many people suggest that a rough childhood is what caused  Onfroy to accrue such violent tendencies, but he admits to having been violent since he was at least 6. He used glass to stab a man who was messing around with his mother, and he faced bullies in school by hitting them right back. His family situation was rocky at best, but his behavior was unacceptable ever since childhood and should have changed for better sooner.

What with charges, a case, and his own boastful words against him, Onfroy does not seem like a good person. Even within a year of passing away, he was allegedly forcing his ex-girlfriend into signing documents asking for her charges to be dropped.

Yet seemingly, during the last few months before the end, Onfroy faced a change. He worked harder to make people happy and attempted to clear a better name for himself than a violent domestic abuser. Although some people suggest his efforts in creating a massive charity event, which fed over 1,000 people, were for selfish intentions rather than for the public, he did seem like he was heading in the right direction.

XXXTentacion should not necessarily be condemned to utter and eternal hatred. Unfortunately, however, he passed away too soon to prove if he actually was becoming a better person. Everything negative he did going against him versus the few efforts he began making right before he passed are simply unbalanced in the negative direction. He shouldn’t be remembered as being a man who created charity events just like he shouldn’t be remembered as someone who made beautiful, uplifting, hate and vulgarity free music- it should always be recognized that he did and said horrible things.

“I think it’s really disgusting that people are supporting a rapist and abuser even in his death. Although I understand when people say it’s not good to celebrate any death, it definitely shouldn’t be “rest in peace” when it comes to someone like him. If it was your mom, sister, aunt, you would feel the same way,” senior Adrianna Hull said.

It’s understandable that when it comes to Onfroy’s death, many people are torn between respecting the fact that he died young and no one deserves to die, or not allowing him to get away with what he did wrong in death. When considering the facts of the situation, choosing not to mourn the loss of XXXTentacion seems to be the right decision. However, even if you decide not to mourn him, don’t egregiously persecute him to hurt those who may have loved him unconditionally. Just point out his flaws, strive for people to want better, and move on.