Wolf Man promises some surprises

Fall show will provide Halloween thrills

Megan Brown, Staff Writer

When: Oct. 13-14 at 7 p.m.

Tickets: $5 prepaid online at bdhs.booktix.com  (use promo code WOLFMAN for $1 off) or $6 at the door

Ben Davis theatre department has put on many exciting plays throughout it’s history.

This fall, Ben Davis theatre is putting on a production of “The Wolf Man.” The theatre usually puts on a more scarier play during the fall because of Halloween and this play is perfect. It is full of action, gore and meaning.

Playing the lead as the wolf man is senior Peter Johnson. Alongside him playing the brother is senior Victor Rosado. Not only do they both have a bond of being brothers, but there is also another secret they have been keeping. In order to find out what that is you will have to go see “The Wolf Man” on October 13-14.

The wolf man is known as William throughout the play, the brother is known as Robert. Other cast includes Kimberly Sanchez as Dottie (William’s girlfriend), and junior Megan Brown as Genevieve (Robert’s wife).

“The Wolf Man” is about a curse that has been brought on William and Robert because of their father’s recent passing. William comes back to town to find that his father is dead and he has been wrote out of the Will.

Robert was scratched by a creature thought to just be a wolf but later he find out that he now has a curse that on every full moon he turns into the wolf man. Robert and William also find out that the curse is transferable and so one night the family has a party and William is scratched by the wolf and now has the curse. In order to find out how it ends you will have to go see it yourself.

During the play there are many different transformations William and Robert go through and so that means many different makeup looks and mask.

As for the transformation, it will be done with a big werewolf mask and matching hands to go with it, as well as lots of makeup on and under it. 

There are many different ways that this could be done but this was found to be that best and fastest way. Transforming into a wolf on stage will be very hard in the little amount of time given. Hair will also be applied to both Robert and William to make their transformations more realistic.