American Horror Story: Unknown?

New season starts tonight shrouded in mystery

American Horror Story: Unknown?

Mia Campbell, staff writer

American Horror Story: Hotel left fans of the FX TV Series wondering if the producers had lost their mojo. Ratings for the show went down between the premiere and finale by more than three million viewers, which is slightly larger than in AHS: Freak Show.

In an attempt to gain their fans’ attention again, producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have kept the story behind this year’s season a mystery. So what are the benefits to keeping this theme in the dark? The views. If people are wondering what this season may have in store, there will be more views than in previous seasons; that is the hypothesis.

In previous seasons, producers released trailers and sneak peaks before the premiere in order to give fans the idea of the theme; they also named the season accordingly. Season 6 premieres tomorrow night and no one has a clue what it could be about. What fans do know is that the very vague sneak peeks include an isolated farmhouse, a trio of farmers, a cranial operation, a deadly mobile over a crib, a descent into a basement, a millipede and a mirror. Along with the vague images, each of the previews include a question mark and the number six.

Tonight, Season Six will premiere at 10 pm. Fans are curious if the producers can win them back after a season that didn’t live up to their expectations from the series; if they don’t, it could pose a big problem.