The strings that they play

Orchestra preps for fun show

When it comes to the music department at Ben Davis, the talk is mostly about band or choir.

Orchestra, however, offeres those musically inclined another option beside marching band or choir.

The orchestra will be performing its first show of the year tonight with its annual Halloween show. It is the culmination of months of work.

“I practice my music every day and make sure that I take my instrument home every day,” junior Jaydin Bell said.

When it comes to the Halloween concert is that people get to hear all kinds of spooky and eerie music from the BD orchestra. Since it’s a Halloween concert, students dress up in crazy, goofy, silly costumes.

Each year when there’s a Halloween concert orchestra students dress up as crazy characters as part of the tradition.

“It’s been a tradition for many years and I really enjoy doing it every year,” orchestra teacher Amy Noble said.

It wouldn’t be a tradition if the teacher doesn’t dress up with the students. Each year Noble enjoys dresses up in silly, goofy, and crazy costumes with the students and the students enjoy it.

“I love dressing up in crazy costumes because that’s when I can get creative,” junior Deavian Stokes said.

“I love dressing up and playing spooky, Halloween music,” Bell said.

One thing that people should know is that when it comes to concerts, the BD Orchestra put their hard work and dedication into each and every concert that they have each year. They let people know that they’re just as important as the others in the music department.

“Orchestra isn’t just another musical program, we are a family and with that we treat each other like a family,” Noble said.

Although the Halloween concert is tonight, the BD orchestra has other concerts that are coming up.

“I encourage students to bring their family and friends to our concerts so they can see how good they’re doing,” Noble said.

Upcoming concerts include:


  • Thursday, December 3- Holiday Concert
  • Wednesday, April 20- Spring Concert
  • Monday, May 23- String Fest