Spice is in the air

Pumpkin spice latee

It’s the last three months of the year and no one is worrying about their summer body.

It’s time to eat all the chocolate you want in October, to stuff your face with Auntie’s famous Mac and Cheese, and to start thinking about things you want on your Christmas list in December.

In October, the weather gets crisp, the leaves start falling and sweaters make their way back into your daily wardrobe. By the way, the sweaters you wear in fall are just the pregame for the ugly sweater party you’ll be attending in December. You’ll be consuming as many pumpkin lattes, pies, bread, candy or something else that’s kind of orange and very delicious as you want and it’s socially acceptable. That bikini body you have been laboring over is no longer needed. You can now eat all the goodies you want and not feel ashamed for it.

“The best part of October is when I can just sit down and drink all the coffee I want,” senior Erin Kelly said.

And besides, everyone knows that when ABC Family starts looping Hocus Pocus, you know it’s the best time of the year.

Hot on the heels of Halloween and the World Series comes one of the best months of the year: November. A well-loved book-turned-movie franchise usually releases its next installment. You know, like Harry Potter, Twilight and this year, The Hunger Games. Ever heard of them?

The festivities include midnight showings, costumes and tears of joy. You can taste the anticipation, and this year, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. Arguably the greatest thing about November is Thanksgiving. It has the three Fs — family, friends and food. It’s nice to gather ‘round, give thanks for the little (and big) things and stuff your face with deliciousness.

After the feast, it’s time to get your shop on. Even if you aren’t a 2:30am door buster, you can still score some pretty amazing deals later in the day on Friday and through the weekend. Although, maybe fighting through the masses on Black Friday would be a great way to work off all that ham you ate.

“My favorite part of November is to finally be able to eat all the food I want and not be judged for it,” junior Emilee Caldwell said.

Now start making the list for all the food that needs to be served for Thanksgiving and enjoy the great month of November.

It always has the best snow. When people complain about winter, they’re usually referring to the unforgiving snowstorms that hit during mid-January and leave the streets covered in grey, slushy puddles of doom (not to mention the black ice that forms underneath it all, like an outgrowth of evil festering beneath the surface).

December usually provides a different kind of snow, one more conducive to happy memory than power outages and highway pile-ups caused by patches of ice. Not only is the snow perfectly fluffy, which makes it great for sledding and snowballs, but it also adorns entire neighborhoods in beautiful blankets of white. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Bathtub Party Day (it is a thing and it happens in December), December is a hub of festivities.

Apart from all the religious celebrations, there is also New Year’s Eve and the Winter Solstice. December also happens to be Human Rights month, which includes AIDS National Awareness Day. So basically, there are positive vibes everywhere.

What were those precut sugar cookies with holiday symbols made for if not for eating during snowy winter afternoons? With December come a slew of holiday parties, which means more opportunities for your inner Martha Stewart to show off her baking skills. And, even if you’re not the partying type, it’s always acceptable to bake cookies for the sake of being “festive.” Pull out that word and no one will question you.

“December is the best part of the year because I can finally sleep in and enjoy the warmth of my bed,” sophomore Ashley Barnica said.

December is a good reason to let out all of your holiday spirit that you’ve been holding for 11 months, so blast that radio station that only plays Christmas music and eat your heart out.

‘Tis the season.