‘Excuse us while we sing to the sky’

Twenty One Pilots coming to town on Sunday

Excuse us while we sing to the sky

Twenty One Pilots is out supporting their new album and they’re coming here, to Indianapolis, on Sunday night. This two man band started in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio, but they didn’t always start out as a duo.

The band actually started with three members: Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. They made two music tracks that were available on SoundCloud.com but were removed. Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band soon after that because their schedules got too busy. Joseph then recruited Josh Dun into the band, which completes the current lineup.

The band had released a self-titled and self-released album before Josh joined the group. When he finally did join, they self-released another album called Regional at Best. Two years later the guys finally put out an album via record label. This one was named Vessel.

Their latest release was more of a mystery. The band created a character called “Blurryface”. They had the internet going crazy for answers. It was like a riddle. Who was “Blurryface”? it wasn’t just the title of their new album. This album and the character, Blurryface, had a deeper hidden meaning behind it. Tyler said he/it “represents all the things that I as an individual, but also everyone around, is insecure about.”

Blurryface reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and the band is still out supporting it with the Blurryface Tour of 2015. Sunday they’ll be here, right at the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn with special guest Echosmith. I hope you already have your tickets because this one is sold out, but for those of you who did snatch up some tickets, have fun.