The true story of ultimate

Frisbee is coming to Ben Davis

Though many would have considered ultimate frisbee more or less a counter-culture activity bore during the 1970s, many will say that in this day and age ultimate frisbee has become a worldwide activity that thousands of cultural groups play for fun and competition.

The history of ultimate frisbee has many twists and turns and some say that the story of this sport being developed is rather odd.

Originally founded in 1968 by Joel Silver, a student at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. Though there has been some controversy on whether or not Silver was the original founder of the sport, it has been said for sure that it was developed and played for the first time on the grounds of Columbia High School. Some believe that Silver experienced a similar game that was instructed by a man named Jared Kass, and that Kass himself was the original founder of ultimate frisbee, but that part of history is unanswerable.

Did you know the word “Frisbee” is trademarked by Wham-O Toys Incorporated, according to Business Insider USA.

Even though the word “Frisbee” is used colloquially, the sport known as Ultimate Frisbee is actually known as Ultimate. In the USA the name of ultimate frisbee is based around more of an association. This brand originally known as Ultimate Players Association (UPA), but re-named itself on May 25, 2010, is now known as “USA Ultimate”.

In America in order to decide who gets the opening salvo a captain from each team plays “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and the winner and his/her team gets the first toss.

Despite what some people might say about the game of ultimate, with a long enough list of interested students and a teacher sponsorship Ben Davis is bringing ultimate frisbee to Wayne Township.

To get more information on the team and how to get involved contact team sponsors Ben Neikirk, Justin VanWyk, and Jessica Maiers. Or the team’s founder/leader is senior Calean Priddy.