Free Throw – Those Days Are Gone

New album leaves me pleasantly surprised


Free Throw is an emo band from Nashville. I first heard of this band when I saw them at a local venue over fall break with several friends, one of them being fellow Spotlight writer Devon Fisher.

The length of the tracks a pretty short, the longest track being 3:36, but the music is still very high quality. When the first track, Such Luck, first comes on, you know it’s gonna be a good album. It’s very quiet introduction quickly explodes into an angry and loud verse and chorus. The second track has the same basic idea, but still a great song, nonetheless.

The third track, Good Job, Champ, comes out swinging right away with a drum intro. While the track is only 1:48 minutes, it’s still a very powerful song, and a great track before the fourth track, Tongue Tied. This track starts with a nice guitar intro, then a killer vocal duet happens with two very different vocal styles and it’s definitely the highlight of the track for me.

The next song, Pallet Town, is very good throughout the first section of the song. But the highlight for me is the second section. The lyrics are powerful, especially when they’re being practically screamed. It also helps that it progressively gets louder and louder until it’s just the vocals and it’s great.

The sixth track can be considered a breather after the five tracks that come before it. It features a very cool vocal trade off between the two vocalists. The next track, Kim Tastie, is very similar. A very slow, relaxed, song, until the climax that hits you hard.

Next we have How I Got My Shrunken Head, which continues the ongoing trend of slower tempos. It’s very similar, but very good. But the next track, Let’s Get Invisible, doesn’t waste any time. It jumps right out of the gate. But then it drops into a slower tempo with ease and, like almost this whole album, the lyrics are emotional and powerful.

The second to last track, What Day Is It, October? is very similar to How I Got My Shrunken Head. It’s a very exciting, fast paced song that gets you excited for the last track, Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed the Donuts. It’s a very loud closing to a very good album.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first started this album. I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised.