Top ‘must see’ Halloween movies

Nothing says Halloween like horror movies, and seeing as more and more people will be embracing the holiday spirit of scary things and candy. So here are the top ten scary Halloween movies.

  • Exorcist

This is about the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, and seeing as I re-watched this movie a few days ago it’s still as frightening to me as it was when I was eight. This movie was adapted from the book version written in 1971 based on the exorcism of Ronald Doe, where a mother desperately pleas to win her daughter back from satanic forces. The plot mostly revolves around the priests trying to exorcise the daughter of the devil.


  • Halloween

This is the quintessential Halloween horror film; I mean it has the name “Halloween”. Even though there are more sequels than there should be it’s still a great film. The same description of “too many sequels” applies to “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. But with a main character like Michael Myers providing most of the scares it usually works out. It’s definitely a recommended movie to watch during the Halloween season.


  • Nightmare on Elm Street

This is probably my favorite horror movie of all time. Freddy is also my favorite Halloween villain. But not many people know that this movie is based on a real event. A young boy kept having nightmares and tried to stay up to avoid them. Eventually he failed and fell asleep and when he woke up he had four razor slashes on his chest. The

police investigators found no evidence of forced entrance. Again this is one of the movies that falls into the category of “too many sequels” But the first few movies are horror gold. Also this was Johnny Depp’s first role.


  • Friday the 13th

This might be the most famous movie on this list. If you mention Jason to most people will remember the Friday the 13th movies. Jason is one of the most famous characters in movie history horror or not. This is another “Too many sequels” category and even has a sequel called “Freddy vs. Jason” that’s was more of a failed crossover. But overall this is one of the most famous horror franchises of all time.

  • Psycho

This is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movie. It’s about a lonely man who runs a rundown motel. It features one of the most famous scenes in movie history with the shower scene where the lady is killed along with the screeching violins in the background. It has many twists and turns and a lot of creepy moments with a few jump scares. Do not go looking for the late 90’s remake featuring Vince Vaughn as Norman. Look for the first one it is much better than the remake.


  • The Amityville Horror

This is one of the few movies that is based on a real true event. It’s about a family that moves into a house and a lot of spooky and ghostly stuff happens like bleeding walls or mysterious figures appear. There have been three families that were documented as living in that house and all say the house was haunted and none stayed in the house for more than a month. Overall this movie is VERY scary.

  • Poltergeist

This movie isn’t as scary as it is creepy. It centers around a family in a haunted house and chaos ensues. The movie is most well known for the line “They’re heeeeeeeere.” Spoken by the kid in the movie when asked by his parents why he is talking to the TV static. Eventually the family rights the wrong they did to the spirit in the house and it all clears up.


  • (More recent) Paranormal Activity

This is a more recent film coming out in 2007 but it is still scary none the less. A family moves in and the usual ghost house story ensues. A lot of jump scares and tension in this movie is the main driving factor. None the less for a good scare this is a good movie to see.


  • Ju-on: The Grudge

I didn’t know what this movie was when I first started watching it, but it is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. It’s a Japanese film and there are subtitles but it is still a spine chilling movie. With the soul of a murdered girl haunting people in her life its bound for a ton of scares. I don’t even know to explain the fear this movie instilled in me. Its just horrifying and I recommended it to all horror movie fans.


  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

And to finish off the list is an American classic based on multiple serial killers all put together. This movie is based on kids who encounter the serial killer “Leatherface” and he chases and tries to kill them. It’s a terrifying prospect that this is based on real life. It makes the movie even more creepy knowing that. But overall this is an American horror classic and I highly recommend it.