DIY Halloween decorations

Here are some ways to spook your guests

It’s almost Halloween and you know what that means? That’s right. Decorations. I know what you’re thinking though, “Decorating is so expensive and takes a lot of effort.” Well, have no fear because I got you covered.

With this list of DIYs there’s no way you’ll go bankrupt and you won’t think it’s a lot of effort because you’ll be having fun while making them. By the way, you probably most likely have these items at your house.

DIY #1: Glowing Eyes

This one is really easy. Just grab some empty toilet paper rolls and trace some eyes onto them. Once you’re done, cut the eye shapes out and stuff some glow sticks inside. At night, stick the rolls in your bushes for a creepy sensation.

DIY #2: Chicken Wire Ghost

One of the scariest things  to do, but also really fun, is to grab some chicken wire you have lying around or other fencing and shape it into the form of a bride’s dress. Then, spray paint with glow in the dark paint and make sure to put it near some wooded area or someplace really unexpected if you want it to look more menacing.

DIY #3: Window Silhouettes

Instead of spending your money on expensive store bought decorations, just cut out some scary silhouettes using black cardstock paper or cardboard painted black. You can create all kinds of things from witches to ghosts and cats. They will easily hang with a small piece of scotch tape and come down effortlessly for next year.

DIY #4: Glowing Ghouls

These aren’t as terrifying but they’re cute and cool. Snap a light stick in half and put it inside a white balloon. Once its blown up, draw a ghost face on it and then when you’re walking around your house at night, it might startle you to see the way it turns out.