WBDG’s 48th anniversary

Students from WBDG share why they love radio for Wednesday’s National High School Radio Day

WBDGs 48th anniversary

Wednesday is National High School Radio Day. In honor of that day, several students from WBDG tell us what they like best about high school radio.

In addition, WBDG will be celebrating its 48th year on air the weekend of May 2-4 during its annual radio marathon. This year’s marathon will feature 48 straight hours of coverage beginning at 7 a.m. May 2.

Students share why they enjoy being a part of radio:

Senior Ivie Hiller: “It’s a new way to experience music.”


Junior James Pennington “If you’re in this, you can completely pick the playlist and run your own show.”

Junior Tyler White: “I like editing music.”

Junior Elias Diaz: “I like how I can get on the air and know that people are listening and care about what I am saying.”


Junior Bethanny Palmer: “I like doing the shows.”

Junior Corey Clark: “I like announcing sports.”


Mr. Easter: “I like the unpredictability, because you never know what to expect, because we don’t play the same thing every day. That’s why I like my job, because it’s different every day.”