Seven must-see holiday films

These movies offer good old fashioned family fun during the Christmas season

Seven must-see holiday films

It is that time of year again. The holiday season is approaching fast, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to spend some time enjoying your favorite Christmas movies. Here are seven movies that should be on everyone’s must-see list.

The Polar Express

This 2004 classis occurs on Christmas Eve, when a young boy boards a magicl train headed toward the north pole. Tiom Hanks plays six different roles in the computer animated holiday treat.

 Home Alone

McCauley Caulkin stars in this 1990 classic that has him terrorizing two would-be burglars after Caulkin gets left home alone when his family takes off for France.  Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern play the idiotic burglars.


Will Farrell made this an instant classic in 2003 when he portrayed an elf who left the north pole to find his father in New York City. The ending will have you in tears.

A Christmas Story

This move gets a 24-hour time slot on TBS during Christmas Eve. The story is set in 1950s America when a nine-year-old boy tries to convince his parents to buy him a BB gun for Christmas.

 It’s Wonderful Life

A true American holiday classic that came out in 1946 and features James Stewart as George Bailey, a down-on-his –luck banker who befriends an angel during the holidays.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey stars as the Grinch in this 2000 adaptation of a children’s classic . A bitter, cave-dwelling creature, named the Grinch is annoyed by a nearby town’s Christmas celebrations. He decides to stop Christmas from coming by disguising himself as Santa Clause and stealing their Christmas decorations and presents.

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen stars in this 1994 story of a man who accidently kills Santa on Christmas Eve and then has to play the part.