Phish – A Picture of Nectar

Phish – A Picture of Nectar

Phish is probably my favorite band. Take four musicians from Vermont and you get a great jam band. I really enjoy Phish as a whole, so I decided to re-listen to one of their albums.

A Picture of Nectar (1992) was their third studio album. This album is considered one of Phish’s best albums. It includes Phish’s normal “jamming” type of music, but then there are some oddballs.

The album opens with “Llama” which is fast paced, almost hectic. Then the album makes a complete 180 into the short and soft instrumental track, “Eliza.” Other two instrumental tracks include “Magilla,” “The Landlady” and “Faht”. There is also the track “Poor Heart”, which takes a strong old-time country feel.

Most songs like “Cavern,” “Manteca,” “Guelah Papyrus,” “The Mango Song” and “Glide” are rarely played live, which I find odd because they are great tracks. But probably the most famous track is “Tweezer.” It turns from non-sensible (with lyrics that don’t really mean anything), into a very odd guitar solo that gets louder and louder. The song then slowly breaks down into almost no notes being played. It is a great track. Phish has even played a 36 minute version.

The other famous track is “Chalk Dust Torture,” which is more hard rock-ish. I honestly think it is better played live than on the album. But that’s pretty much Phish’s career in a nutshell.

Overall, I can see why A Picture of Nectar is considered the best Phish album. It offers a lot of variety and you can easily tell how talented this band really is. Easily one of my favorites.