Daft Punk – Random Access Memory Review

This year has been a great year for new music

Daft Punk – Random Access Memory Review

Spotify has completely changed how music becomes popular and what is popular, a prime example being electronic music legends Daft Punk.  Their lead single,  “Get Lucky” has become one of the biggest tracks of this year, even after their eight year disappearance from releasing music (their only release being the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, their first movie scoring effort).

These two French-born guys started making music in 1993 and were viewed as incredibly unique and immensely creative. Their first albums were innovative, and paved the way for the popularity of house music in the 1990s. With popular tracks like “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and “Around the World”, it is obvious that this album was much anticipated.

Their new album, Random Access Memory, is their first since their 2005 release, Human After All. This comeback showed a new side for the band, moving away from their usual electronic house antics in favor of a slower, less electronic sound (This is shown on tracks such as “The Game of Love” and “Within”).

These are both very outstanding tracks, but it’s odd to hear these tracks coming from this group. They also come off as safe and boring.

Although this album is mostly a new style, there are tracks that remain in the same vein of their previous releases, but they are few and far between.

The standouts being “Doin’ It Right”, featuring Panda Bear of Animal Collective, and “Instant Crush”, Featuring Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. These tracks are stunning, and feel as though they were written soon after Human After All.

Overall, this is a very basic and disappointingly boring release. A few tracks are interesting and fun (lead single, “Get Lucky”, being one), but generally, it’s all been done before.