Album review: The 1975

Album review: The 1975

The 1975 has that new sound that everyone was looking for but didn’t know it. Mix an 80’s inspired beat with a psychedelic vibe and the typical indie rock band feel and you get the unique stylings of The 1975. The band comes from Cheshire, England on the outskirts of Manchester where the band is based. The 1975 consists of vocalist and guitar player Matthew Healy, guitar player Adam Hann, drummer George Daniel and bassist Ross MacDonald.

Their highly anticipated self-titled debut The 1975 dropped September 2nd causing a huge celebratory uproar from thousands of fans on Twitter as well as enthusiasm from celebrities like Ed Sheeran and One Direction’s Harry Styles who tweeted, “Just downloaded the new @the1975 album… It’s all very exciting.”

The album reached number one on the UK Album Charts beating out Rizzle Kicks’ Stereo Typical and Nine Inch Nail’s comeback album. The 1975 is slowly dominating our neighbor to the right the UK. It’s only a matter of time before they take over America like other British artists have before them.

The album features a wide array of music from instrumental music to psychedelic rock.  “Heart-Out” “Settle Down” “Talk!” and “Girls” have this very 80’s feel that remind me of something that would be on The Breakfast Club soundtrack. Tracks with more of an Indie Pop feel include “M.O.N.E.Y” “The City” and the popular “Chocolate.” The really cool thing about the album is that there’s instrumental two minute songs throughout that serve kind of as transitions.

“The 1975” and “12” serve as transitions but also as really chilled tracks that could just be cool to play as background music while relaxing. For more chilled out tracks there’s “Menswear” “Pressure” and “She Way Out.” The 1975 is not all about fun chilled out songs to listen to while driving around downtown they also have some deep tracks like “Robbers” and “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You” which was written by Matty the lead singer in dedication to his little brother being at home without him while he was on tour.

If you are an indie rock/pop kind of person or if you are just looking for something new The 1975 is an album to check out! Personally I absolutely loved the entire album and it has been on replay since last week. It is so chilled and upbeat and fun and something different that has not been heard which makes it even more interesting. The lyrics are super catchy and the beats are infectious, it is the perfect mix.