Bringing people together with food

A glimpse inside the Indianapolis First Friday Food Truck Fest

Restaurants on wheels, how good does that sound? Every first Friday of the month, food trucks from all around Indianapolis gather at the Old National Centre to celebrate First Friday. Many food trucks with different types of food for different types of appetites join – from meat-eaters to veg-heads, there is something there for every one to enjoy.

As it was my first time visiting the festival, I didn’t know what to expect. The sound of live musical styling of DJ OhBeOne filled the air, along with the aroma of food. I first veered my way to the Flying Cupcake, as they sell vegan cupcakes as well as regular ones. I had the pleasure to try the Viva la Vegan cupcake; I have to say that cupcake was so tasty I had to try three more.

The cashier, Sarah, has worked for the company for seven months and has enjoyed the food truck experience.

“It’s super fun and a great way to meet all the cool people,” Sarah said.

Cupcakes were the bell of the ball at the festival, since they had two food trucks that sold them. The other was Gigi’s Cupcakes; they sold gluten-free and regular cupcakes. I had the privilege to see behind the scenes of their cupcake operation and to meet one Maggie McComb, a Gigi’s Cupcakes employee.

“I love it [the festival], it’s so fun to see all the different faces that come get our delicious cupcakes,” McComb said.

From American to Indian, Vietnamese to Jamaican, there was more variety than you could imagine. All the nationalities join to serve a crowd of hungry people. All you heard were the oohs and ahhs from the people as they ate their appetizing food.

People from all over tried the wonders of the festival. One of the crowd-goers, Julie Hull, came along with her friend David Yang to the festival all the way from San Diego, California. They tried french fries from the Groovy Guys Gourmet Fries truck.

“Chili cheese fries are the bread of my existence,” Hull said.

The festival did not only contain food trucks, but the fashion trucks of Retro 101 and Bizzy’s Boutique. The trucks were filled with little knickknacks and fashionable clothes, as well as accessories.

The Retro 101 truck shows the trendy clothes accessories for the many women who are interested in the street styles of Indianapolis. The owner, Heather Pirowski, has built the company around trendy clothing and accessories. The best way she could show off her boutique was to attach some wheels

“I go where the people are,” Pirowski said.

I ended the night with an exclusive concert of Taddy Porters rocking music and a full stomach.

I recommend you go and don’t miss out on a great experience; the next First Friday Food Truck Fest is on Friday, October 4 at 5:00 p.m. and entry tickets cost $5.