2014-2015 Spotlight Staff

Montario Quinn

Staff writer

Montario “Montey” Quinn is an upcoming rapper,actor,and producer. This is his first year doing Spotlight as his senior year... 

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Destiny Austin

Staff writer

Hey, my name is Destiny Austin. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at BD. This is my first semester in newspaper. I am a writer... 

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Harley Anderson


Hi, my name is Harley Anderson. I am a sophomore and I decided to join the Spotlight staff because I love photography. I am always... 

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Demarco Henry

Staff writer

My name is Demarco Henry and I am a senior sports writer. Football is my life. When people ask me what I want to do with my life... 

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Jessica Olmos

Staff writer

My name is Jessica. This is my first time being in newspaper class and I love it. I played softball in ninth grade and my favorite... 

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Aislynn Biven

Staff writer

I’m Aislynn, but my friends call my Aissy. I am finally a senior. Publications is my favorite class because it’s chill and... 

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Shelby Sears

Staff writer

I’m Shelby and I’m a sophomore. I joined the Spotlight crew because I love to write. I also enjoy reading (which is why... 

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Sucely Rivera

Staff writer

My name is Sucely Rivera. It’s my first year on Spotlight and I’m really looking forward to it. I am capturing the beauty... 

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Miranda Dowell

Staff writer

Hey, my name is Miranda Dowell. I’m a typical 16-year-old high school student. My life revolves around cheerleading and softball.... 

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Alma Rivera

Staff writer

Hi, my name is Alma Rivera. I am a sophomore and I decided to join the Spotlight because I love taking photographs and I would... 

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Devon Rittenhouse

Staff writer

I’m 18 and a senior. This is my first year in newspaper. I’m also in ROTC and I plan to join the Marine Corps either before... 

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Samantha Hoerger


Hi, my name is Samantha Hoerger. I am a sophomore and I decided to join Spotlight staff because I have always loved taking pictures... 

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Noah Thomas

Staff writer

Howdy! My name is Noah Thomas. I am a sophomore and this is my first year in Spotlight. I am passionate about nearly anything... 

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Nick Bertsch

Staff writer

I decided to join Spotlight because my old teacher Mr. Hartman recommended me to join and in learning about this great experience,... 

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Michael Casale

Staff writer

Hi, my name is Michael Casale. I am a sophomore and I joined the Spotlight staff to write about sports. I play baseball and I... 

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Kondwani Mzumara

Staff writer

Hi, my name is Kondwani Mzumara. I am a junior and this is my first year on the Spotlight staff. I decided to join Spotlight because... 

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Cory Vervynckt

Staff writer

Hi my name is Cory Vervynckt. I’m a sophomore and I wanted to join Spotlight to write sports and do movie and TV reviews. I... 

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Shelby Jenson

Staff writer

My name is Shelby Jenson, I am a sophomore at and this is my first year in BD Spotlight. I am a photographer and I am looking... 

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Rebecca Crain

Staff writer

Hello, my name is Rebecca Crain. Although I am a senior, this is my first year writing in the Newspaper. My favorite subjects... 

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Chaz Stringer

Staff writer

My Name is Chaz Stringer. I’m currently a senior and this is my first year being a part of Spotlight. I love sports especially... 

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Abbie Vetters

Staff writer

Hi, my name is Abbie Vetters. I am a sophomore and super excited for my first year as part of the Spotlight staff! I decided to... 

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Daniel Eanes

Staff writer

My name is Daniel Eanes. I am a senior and decided to join the Spotlight staff because I want to improve on my writing ability... 

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Ryan Eggers

Staff writer

Folks around here usually call me Ryan. I’m a sophomore, and this is my first year writing for Spotlight. I have a passion for... 

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Nicole Thomas

Staff writer

My name is Nicole Thomas, and this is my first year being on the Spotlight staff. I’ve loved writing ever since my first grade... 

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Alizzah Anderson


I’m and senior this is my second year in newspaper. This is a place where everyone can express themselves and be themselves.... 

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Michelle McElroy


My name is Michelle McElroy. I’m 16 years old and a junior. This is my second year in Spotlight. I really enjoy photography... 

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Matt Brown

Business editor

Howdy, my name is Matthew Gregory Willice Cook Brown. I am a junior and joined the Spotlight because I like writing stories and... 

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Isabella Bertoni

Staff writer

Hey, I’m Isabella Bertoni. I’m a junior. I joined Spotlight because I love newspaper and I also love writing. I’m indecisive... 

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Taylor Pringle


My name is Taylor Pringle! I’m a junior, and this is my second year in Spotlight. I’m a photographer but also plan on improving... 

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Carlin Underwood


There's nothing that could keep me off of the volleyball court. I enjoy listening to Machine Gun Kelly. Sports photography has... 

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Autumn Miller


My name is Autumn Miller, and I'm a junior. My motto for life is if you're not dead, you're not done.

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Lacey McLaughlin


This is my second year in newspaper. Getting involved in school is kind of my thing. My peers and I enjoy the journalism conventions.... 

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Cambria Sharp


I reach for the moon, but I'm too busy gazing at stars.

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Devon Fisher

Staff writer

I am Devon Fisher. I like long walks on the beach and staring at the starry night. I also enjoy the occasional cry. I review concerts... 

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David Newman

Staff writer

My name is David Newman. I enjoy long walks on the beach and going to concerts for bands that suck. I also enjoy tanning in the... 

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Tom Hayes


After 20 years of covering sports in the Indianapolis area, I found myself teaching high school journalism in New Castle, Indiana.... 

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Maddie Cook


Though this is my first year in Spotlight, I plan to return my junior and senior year. I'm in publications because I enjoy taking... 

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Jannette Aguirre

Staff writer

I’m a senior. This is my third year on staff and I really love it. I’m a soft spoken person. I love music and tattoos. I come... 

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Liwam Beraki

Managing editor

Hello there! My name is Liwam, and I am managing editor of Spotlight. I’m a senior, so this is my third year on staff I’m... 

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Tiffani Lang


I’m Tiffani. Most people call me Tiffi. I love taking pictures. I’m very outgoing. I play clarinet in the marching band.

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Emily Rasmussen

Features editor

I'm Emily Rasmussen, and I'm a junior and features editor for Spotlight. I am also a few other things, including a reader who... 

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Tre Redeemar


Hi, I'm Tre Redeemar...  I am a senior and a second year photographer. I love sports photography, especially football; yet, I... 

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Nakiyah Kilpatrick


I am Nakiyah Kilpatrick, and this is my first year at Ben Davis. I have a strong passion for music and photography. One word that... 

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Adrian Carter


I am a junior and first year editor. I'm taking newspaper because I want to be an professional photographer as a career choice,... 

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Claire Smith

Photo editor

Hi, I’m Claire. I’m a junior and have been in Spotlight since first semester of my sophomore year. I absolutely love taking... 

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Brittany Baker

News editor

Hi, my name is Brittany Baker. I am a senior and I have been with Spotlight for two years. I started off as a writer and then... 

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Ally Johnson

Assistant online editor

Hello my name is Ally Johnson. I'm a junior and this is my second year on staff. When not writing you might find me scrolling... 

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Atzy Nunez

Staff writer

Hey, I'm Atzy. I am sophomore, and I enjoy writing and playing the violin. I can speak English and Spanish, and I'm learning French... 

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Kristin Crouch

Staff writer

I’m Kristin Crouch, a junior photographer for  BD Spotlight. This is my second year as a Spotlight staff member. I love fashion... 

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Aaron Smith

Staff writer

Hi! I am a senior this year. I have been in Spotlight since my sophomore year.  I admit I am a strange person. I love to learn... 

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Jannette Aguirre

Staff writer

I'm a second year staff writer. I was born in Chicago and come from a Mexican and Honduran family. I like having fun with my friends.... 

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Breanna Cooper


Breanna Cooper has been on the Spotlight staff for two years and is currently in her senior year. She started writing in elementary... 

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Taylor Grace

Online editor

My name's Taylor. I'm a senior here at Ben Davis. This year I am the online editor for the Spotlight. Go me! The one thing I am... 

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